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Donald D. Waggener


 For more than 40 years attorney Donald Waggener and the Law Office of  Donald Waggener have demonstrated expertise in Civil Litigation, Family  Law, Criminal Defense, and Wills & Estates.  Our willingness to take  on not just easy cases but difficult cases and our unrelenting concern  for our clients' interests set us apart. 

 Our clients choose the Law Firm of Donald Waggener because we provide  our clients zealous representation, diligence, judicious counsel and  fair pricing. 

Practice Areas


 Civil matters often arise for both families and business owners.  As a  practicing attorney for more than 40 years, Attorney Donald Waggener  will provide practical advice and effective representation at all levels  of litigation.  Many cases settle during pretrial negotiations, while  others are decided in the courtroom.  You will need experienced  representation to ensure the best possible outcome in any scenario. 

 Attorney Donald Waggener has been representing individuals in Kentucky  since 1974.  Contact Donald Waggener regarding your case as soon as  possible. 


 A criminal conviction can have profound and lasting consequences on you,  your career, and your family. If you’ve been charged with a crime in  Kentucky, whether a felony or misdemeanor, then you need an aggressive,  experienced criminal defense attorney to fight for your rights.  Don't  take chances with your future. 

 Attorney Donald Waggener has been defending individuals charged with  crimes in Kentucky since 1974.  Contact Donald Waggener regarding your  case as soon as possible. 

Wills and Estates

 Everyone should have a basic but thorough estate plan, especially if you have children or property.


  • A simple will to declare your heirs and distribution of your assets.
  • A living will for your end-of-life care decisions   
  • A power of attorney for your financial and personal affairs
  • A designation of guardians and trustees for your minor children.

 Attorney Donald Waggener will provide compassionate counsel during this  often difficult process.  Call 859-255-3603 today to begin the  preparation for your family's future needs. 


 At the Law Office of Donald Waggener, we understand the issues and  sensitivity involved with family law and the need for speedy and  assertive resolution. Don Waggener employs techniques and processes to  help diffuse stressful situations and avoid unnecessary conflict while  asserting our clients' rights and demanding the best results possible. 

 Our family law practice covers: 

  •      Dissolution of Marriage 
  •      Child Custody Disputes 
  •      Paternity Actions 
  •      Modifications of Spousal Support 
  •      Modifications of Child Support 
  •      Prenuptial and Postnuptial 
  •      Relocation Issues Agreements 
  •      Restraining Orders and Domestic Violence 

 Often, the hardest part of a divorce is simply deciding to seek one.   Going through the complexities of a divorce, child custody or other  family issue is stressful enough without wondering if you have hired the  right attorney.  It is important that you have a lawyer you feel  comfortable with during the process.  

 Each divorce case is unique and the goals differ for each individual.   It takes time and experience to develop a strategy in order to protect  your finances, your children and your future.   

 Attorney Donald Waggener will explain the law to you in plain terms and  identify the things you will need in order to proceed with a divorce or  other family issue.  He will listen to your story, show you the options  and work with your to resolve your problems with minimal emotional and  financial trauma.  Call today in order to begin the first steps in your  case.