I'll help you find your way.

 Since 1974, Don Waggener has dedicated himself to providing aggressive  representation for his clients.  With each representation, Don Waggener  is committed to each client and provides personalized attention to each  case and a realistic approach to each client's needs.  There is no need  for client's to feel lost in the system.  Contact us to discuss your  case options with Don Waggener. 

 A lifelong Kentuckian, Don Waggener was  raised in Webster County.  He graduated with distinction from the  University of Kentucky in 1970 and graduated from UK College of Law in  1973.  Today, Mr. Waggener is a UK Fellow and a distinguished graduate  of the UK ROTC military program.  He also served in the United States  Army. 

 Mr. Waggener is a member of the Kentucky  Bar Association and the Fayette County Lawyer Referral Service.  He is a  Kentucky Bar Fellow and a Fayette County Bar Fellow. 

 Don Waggener and his wife Pat are very  active in local community organizations including the UK Arboretum and  the Lexington Chamber Choir.